As guardian of the Holy Spear bestowed upon his clan by the goddess, Keelin OShea has been in England hiding from Ruairc Mageen and his warriors. It is vital that Keelin keep the holy spear from Mageen, for with the spear Mageen can seize control and take Keelin for his own. Keelin uses the sight to guard the spear, yet she fails to realize Mageen wants not only the spearhe wants her as well.

When Marcus de Grants party is attacked by a band of Celtic warriors, his young cousin is wounded in the attack and they seek refuge in a nearby cottage. Keelin and her aging uncle have been living in the abandoned cottage.

With Keelin and her uncles life in danger, Marcus offers them sanctuary at Wrexton. Drawn to the beautiful Irish Lady despite the strangeness of her gift, Marcus soon realizes he cannot live without Keelin and when he must risk all to save her he does not hesitate.

Set against the backdrop of a turbulent era, Margo Maguires heart-rending and colorful tale of star-crossed lovers is sure to win readers hearts. Keelin and Marcus journey is one of learning and trust and they soon discover that true love is all too rare and a gift to be cherished. SENSUAL (Aug., 400 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Beth MacGregor