A true erotic romance, the main portion of this novella takes place in the bedroom so readers should get ready for varied and adventurous love play. Olivia and Claudius’ yearning for each other positively leaps off of the page; the raw passion that flares between the two is impossible to ignore. But while the sex is plentiful, other aspects of the story are rushed including character development and an exploration of the unique setting of ancient Rome.

Ex-Roman slave turned wealthy landowner, Olivia Septinius has plenty of life experience, yet has no experience with men. She has saved herself for Claudius Ovidius, a former centurion and a friend of her adoptive mother. Although Claudius is obsessed by the very thought of Olivia, he refuses her advances because of her virginal state. Claudius considers Olivia to be too young and inexperienced to handle his dark needs. He prefers complete control and in the bedroom this means bondage, spanking and use of toys. Olivia is completely unafraid, rather she yearns to submit to Claudius’ rough lovemaking. She makes a daring plan to seduce him at The Cave, an exclusive club where couples explore their passion. Not expecting to see the delicious Olivia at The Cave, Claudius finally allows himself to indulge in the heat that simmers between them. But even after they begin an explosive affair, Claudius remains skeptical that the lovely Olivia will find true happiness in his arms. (ELLORA’S CAVE, June 2010, dl., $10.40)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne