The leading lady of fantasy romance enchants us once again with a magical adventure in which passionate love triumphs over the forces of evil.

After her comrade-in-arms is taken prisoner by a wicked sorcerer, Alena, a brave and beautiful warrior, vows to free her friend from captivity. With the help of the old witch Idara, Alena sets out for Cadvallan Isle in hopes that she can somehow breach the magical barriers that isolate Galen Radbourne, the one sorcerer who might be powerful enough to help her, from the rest of the world.

Determined never to use again the powers that cost the life of his first love, Galen has grown content living simply on the isle, caring for the last few survivors of the war between dragons and sorcerers. Then, the unconscious body of a lovely stranger washes up on the shore, and Galen once again is beset with unwanted emotion as he falls in love with the gallant Alena.

How can he risk disaster by acceding to Alena's plea for help? But how can he refuse to help the woman he has come to love in spite of himself? Then, fate in the form of Father Dragon takes a hand, and the two lovers find themselves at the center of a struggle between good and evil that will change their whole world.

Ms. Morgan sets our imagination ablaze with this fiery blend of blistering romance and provocative fantasy. (May, 384 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
M. Helfer