One of Regency's leading ladies spins another fascinating love story in which an arrogant duke meets his match in a penniless but defiant young widow.

She was no better than she should be, according to the Duke of Buckingham's uncle. She had somehow tricked the Duke's ne'er-do-well cousin into marriage under havey-cavey circumstances and now refused to hand over her son to his grandfather's custody after her husband's death. Still, she certainly would be no match for the powers of persuasion of one of the most handsome lords of the realm.

Anne de Montforte is not at all what Trevelyan de Montforte expects her to be. Her valiant defense of her deceased husband and determined refusal to give up her son touches something in his heart, even as he embarks on a well-planned seduction to prove her an unfit guardian. And now the duke finds himself caught in his own trap as he unexpectedly falls in love with the lady instead.

Ms. Lange is a peerless storyteller who creates pure magic for her legions of fans. Reserve a spot on the bookcase for her newest treasure.

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer