The always-riveting Ridley Pearson pulls out all the stops with his latest suspense thriller, CHAIN OF EVIDENCE. Author Ridley Pearson is an awesome storyteller, whose books are masterpieces of intricate suspense and breathtaking thrills. Those who have yet to experience the pleasure of reading a Ridley Pearson novel should not miss CHAIN OF EVIDENCE.

Three years ago, for a friend's sake, Detective Joe "Dart" Dartelli made a terrible choice.

Dart feared that his former mentor, Walter Zeller, was involved in what was then classified as a "suicide." Knowing he couldn't prove anything, Dart chose not to follow up on certain leads, afraid of where they might take him. Now, following a suspicious string of "suicides," he has no choice.

All of the apparent victims were men previously arrested for sex crimes. Before he retired, Zeller's wife had been brutally raped and murdered by a sex offender. Is Zeller now on a twisted revenge mission?

Nothing is as simple as it first appears. With the help of Lieutenant Abby Lang of the Sex Crimes division, Dart tries to put the convoluted pieces together. The discovery that each of the "suicides" was involved in a medical test program brings even more questions to light. What is Roxin Laboratories' involvement, if any, in the deaths? Could their experimental gene therapy be responsible?

As Dart digs deeper, he may find out things he was better off not knowing. Zeller has always been a genius in the forensic field, and as soon as he realizes that Dart has put together some of the pieces, he contacts his former pupil and taunts him about his inability to uncover clues right in front of him. Will Dart be forced into a confrontation with his former mentor? Most of these men are violent criminals, but does that justify their murders?

(Oct., 309 pp., $22.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith