Image of Chain of Illusions (Bringer and the Bane)


Image of Chain of Illusions (Bringer and the Bane)

Third in this fascinating, imaginative series with an otherworldly medieval setting, Chain of Illusions hooks readers into the battle between the good Bringers and the evil Bane. With a number of surprising twists, the story picks up on plot points from previous books while still leaving the cast of characters with much to accomplish to bring peace to their world.

It’s time for Siban Gaspar to take his place as a Bringer Tell, one endowed with the ability to know truth from lie. He’s doing it for Rell Kendal — the human turned Bane who helped him escaped from a Bane prison where he was being tortured. Healed and returned to human form, Rell, too, has become a Bringer Tell. In this new role, their first mission is to rescue other Bringers from the Shadow World, where the Demon Bane reside. Rell is eager to get revenge on the Bane, which worries Siban, since anger makes one careless and illogical. But much is unknown to the Bringers, and the truth may challenge every- thing they thought they knew about the Demon Bane. (ENTANGLED, Dec., 368 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley