A satisfying conclusion to Elkeles’ contemporary series, Perfect Chemistry. Elkeles never shies away from the difficult subjects that can rock teens’ lives such as unexpected pregnancy and gang violence. Nikki Cruz is an intriguing heroine but it is Luis Fuentes who truly steals the show. Readers who have seen Luis grow up in the previous two books will be delighted to finally get his story. And those who are starting the series with this novel won’t be able to resist the need to read the other Fuentes brothers’ stories.

Luis Fuentes knows that his family expects him to stay on the straight and narrow, but he has a taste for danger he simply can’t deny. When the Fuentes family moves back to Fairfield, Illinois, Luis does his best to stay away from the gang that almost destroyed his brothers’ lives. But when a deadly old enemy resurfaces, Luis will do whatever it takes to keep him family safe — even if it means endangering his new relationship with Nikki Cruz, the first girl he’s ever truly loved. Can Luis succeed at a dangerous game of entrapment or will secrets and lies bury his future? (WALKER, Aug., 308 pp. HC,  $17.99, Ages 12 & up)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Kate Girard