In an interesting role reversal, it is the heroine, Celene, who is the solider, the officer in charge, while Nils is her subordinate. But even without combat experience, Nils proves himself to be a hero with his incredible intelligence and his total dedication to Celene. It is refreshing that even as the romance between the two main characters heats up, they never once forget that they are on an important mission. This leads to a great mix of action and adventure as well as several tender, emotional scenes that readers will definitely enjoy.

Lieutenant Celene Jur is one of the best fighter pilots in the Black Wraith squad. However, even her undeniable skills did not stop her from being taken hostage three months ago. Freed by her fellow fighters, Celene is on a mission to stop Torrin Marek, the ex-8th wing lieutenant who lured her into a trap. But the only person with the technical know-how to track down the enemy is Nils Calder. Nils is a certified member of “NerdWorks”, the squad’s engineering department. With no formal fight training, Celene thinks that he is going to be a hindrance during the oncoming battle. However, there is no way Nils is going to be left behind — not if being a part of the mission means that he can help the legendary Celene Jur find and destroy the enemy. Nils hopes that in doing so, he can earn Celene’s respect and possibly even her heart. (CARINA PRESS, Jan., dl., $3.99)

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Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne