Image of Chains of Fire: The Chosen Ones


Image of Chains of Fire: The Chosen Ones

The rocky relationship between two of the Chosen Ones reignites in this next chapter in Dodd’s mystical series. As these characters have known each other since childhood, Dodd uses flashbacks to unravel their knotty pasts. The urgency of plot ratchets up the emotional drama, giving the story an exhilarating edge.

Despite working together as Chosen Ones, Gypsy lawyer and mind-control expert Samuel Faa and society princess/healer Isabelle Mason haven’t repaired their damaged relationship. Though their affair ended badly, the sparks between them still sizzle. While in Switzerland trying to unlock the Gypsy Travel Agency’s frozen funds, they rescue a kidnapped child. Frighteningly, the kidnapping was a ploy by the Others to kill them via an avalanche. Trapped in a wrecked castle and buried under snow and ice, Samuel and Isabelle must trust in each other in order to survive. (SIGNET ECLIPSE, Sep., 448 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith