Image of Chains of Ice (The Chosen Ones Series #3)


Image of Chains of Ice (The Chosen Ones Series #3)

In the third chapter of the Chosen Ones series, both of Dodd’s protagonists’ lives have been dramatically altered by a connection to the Gypsy Travel Agency. There is a Beauty and the Beast vibe in this tale that has plenty of action and intense emotion. Once this book gets its claws into you, it doesn’t let go!

John Powell’s life story reads like a horror novel, but he thought he’d found a home in the Gypsy Travel Agency and its mission to find the Chosen. An op gone terribly wrong sends John into exile in the remote Ural Mountains of Russia. Genny Valente’s life has been scarred by her father’s firing from the agency. For her law school graduation, Genny’s father offers her a dream trip to Rasputye to join a study on the rare Ural lynx. There is just one catch: Genny must contact the hermit-like John and convince him to return. Genny reluctantly agrees, but has no idea about the danger present — to herself and her heart. (SIGNET, Jul., 448 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith