Part of the Interplanetary Enforcement Unit, Marina takes every assignment with aplomb. Her latest, becoming a submissive to a dom in order to investigate the kidnapping of three women taken to planet Xarta, gives her pause however. But should she succeed, she just might get the promotion she's desperate for.

Her partner, a former dom originally from the planet Xarta, is an interplanetary marshall named Kaden, and Marina can't believe the powerful attraction that hits her when they meet. Still, she hesitates to get close, as she is to be sold and bought by him. But Kaden is relentless, and their deep, intense emotions turn a simple assignment into a passionate love story.

Burton writes with vivid attention to detail, smooth pacing and an exquisite emotional edge. The world of Xarta is a sexual world, so there are some light scenes of female/female interaction. (dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Robin Taylor