This is an alluring and beautifully written contemporary tale features realistic characters and a strong, empowering heroine who wants more than mainstream society will let her have. The likable male partners and strong cast of supporting characters round out the story, making this a must-read for genre fans and readers who are new to erotic fiction.

Lawyer Leila is determined to help get her parents out of debt after they put her through school, so she takes a job working as high-end escort “Charlotte” after hours. When her boss from the law firm, Joseph, and co-worker Matt hire "Charlotte" for one evening, Leila is shocked, but is eager to bed both men. However, the affair doesn’t stop after one night. Domineering Joseph wants to buy Leila’s debt in exchange for her services, while down-to-earth Matt wants more than just her body. Torn between her attraction to Joseph, her commitment to help her family and her desire to have an honest, meaningful relationship, Leila is faced with hard decisions and must dig deep to figure out what will make her truly happy. (LYRICAL PRESS, February 2012, dl. $5.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Janine Johnston