Image of Chalice of Roses


Image of Chalice of Roses

As they did with Dragon Lovers, these four formidable authors stretch their imaginations, this time creating tales that follow legends of the Holy Grail. Each unique voice calls upon historical incidents and paranormal elements to contribute to an anthology that lifts the human spirit.

Beverley sets the tone with her story of "The Raven and the Rose," as a young novice and a chaste monk join forces to summon the Grail, hidden somewhere in England, to bring peace to their war-torn land and find a forever love. As time alters the legend, others come forward in a time of great need, using the powers to save England. "The English Rose" is unknowingly caught up in a plot to destroy a great evil and stop Napoleon's spies from locating the Grail. Only by finding her ideal partner can she succeed, in Harbaugh's tale, told through the protagonists' letters.

Hatred rises during World War II, when a Scots intelligence agent and a Canadian Royal Air Force pilot use their unique talents to destroy Hitler's plan to snatch the Grail in Putney's "White Rose of Scotland." Samuel's modern-day sorceress, an American teaching in England, has visions of a medieval man that become all too real. Her knowledge of ancient lore and fey secrets brings the Grail to its rightful guardian and frees her beloved in "Eternal Rose." (SIGNET ECLIPSE, Jan., 386 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin