This charming and entertaining Regency romance takes a different twist, beginning in Virginia where Lord Hathaway Wycoff meets Lucy Stone, a widow working to earn passage back to England and claim her sons inheritance.

Upon his arrival Wycoff mistakes the inn for a bordello and finds himself attracted to the lively, lovely Lucy. As simply Mr. Wycoff, he begins a flirtation, but all too soon one of Lucys admirers learns the truth, Not only is he a nobleman, but a womanizer.

Though attracted to Wycoff, Lucy knows she must get away from him. An unexpected windfall allows her to leave for England but she soon finds Wycoff is aboard too. Once they reach London, there is really no way she can stay entirely clear of him.

Wycoff fears he will never be able to erase his tarnished reputation and enlists his friends to convince Lucy that a leopard can indeed change his spots.

Readers of Ms. Laytons The Cad and The Choice will relish the opportunity to reacquaint themselves with her characters and to a story with all the color of the Regency period. Ms. Layton is an author who brings this era to life and lets us peek into the lives of real people, just as Jane Austen did. SENSUAL (Mar., 390 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin