Evans’ latest offering is a doozy and an atypical historical romance. She leads off with a hero that is actually looking for love and a woman who is very strong-willed and independent. Readers will love the quick-witted dialogue and obviously close relationship between the characters.

Henry St. Giles has recently inherited his title as the Earl of Cravenswood after the death of his brother. With the recent marriages of his closest friends, and the desertion of his mistress, he is starting to feel lonely and wonders if there is a woman out there for him. Enter his next-door neighbor, Lady Amy Shipton. Amy has been in love with Henry for years, and after one torrid embrace she is more enamored than before. Henry does not remember the woman from the encounter, but he has her earring and he is on the hunt. Will Henry still be intrigued when the woman’s identity is revealed? (BRONWENEVANS.COM, dl $2.99)

Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Cooper