Image of The Champion


Image of The Champion

Grothaus' second book is rich in historical detail and ancient magic. It's the story of a stubborn warlord forced to marry a stranger who is everything he didn't know he wanted. Readers will enjoy this battle of the sexes and the machinations of a mischievous ghost working to bring them together.

Left at the altar, Nicholas FitzTodd, Baron of Crane, is determined to drown himself in wine and women. The lovely Simone DuRoche is just another conquest until they are caught in a compromising position and are forced to marry. Finally sober, Nicholas is saddled with a greedy father-in-law and a wife who speaks to the ghost of her late brother.

Simone wanted one real kiss before being sold to an elderly lord, but her one moment of weakness gets her a reluctant and ornery husband. Luckily, Nicholas proves to be gentle and kind. The newlyweds come to a fragile truce and are working on a real marriage when war, betrayal and an old girlfriend come between them. But soon it's not just their marriage but also their lives that are threatened when a crazed murderer surfaces. (Zebra, Apr., 380 pp., $4.99)
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Maria Ferrer