The day his father is stripped of his title and honor in order to protect another, Fox Mercer vows revenge. Ten years later, disguised as the infamous Black Fox (a Robin Hood-style outlaw) he wages his own brand of war on his enemy, Lord Ruvane.

Fox learns of a tournament being held at Castle Ruvane and enters to win the hand of Lady Jordan Ruvane, a cherished friend from long ago that betrayed him. He wins, but is immediately seized and thrown in the dungeon.

When he escapes, Fox takes Jordan as his hostage, hoping to trade her for his familys title and lands. But once he has Jordan in his castle, she seems to bewitch him with gentleness, courage and her devotion to children. She is a temptation he does not need, but very much wants.

Jordan never betrayed Fox in the past and strives to make him understand. She ends up falling in love with him. Before she is released, though, they allow themselves one night of love. It is only later when her fianci captures Foxs men that Jordan learns the truth behind the bitter feud and must reveal a dark secret to save Foxs family and reclaim his love.

Captivating from the very first page, readers will have a hard time putting CHAMPION OF THE HEART down. The characters emotional turmoil coupled with the sensuality and delightful cast of characters adds a special, unique depth to a tried-and-true plot, and elevated this to another level. SENSUAL (Jun., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin