Image of Chance of a Lifetime (Harmony, Book 5)


Image of Chance of a Lifetime (Harmony, Book 5)

With beautiful prose and a thought-provoking plot, Thomas brings to life the delightful town of Harmony and its captivating inhabitants. One again, there are familiar faces and new ones involved in this heartwarming romance and intriguing mystery. Like old friends, readers will love the chance to catch up with beloved characters from previous tales.

Harmony’s inhabitants live quiet, yet interesting, lives. Librarian Emily Tomlinson and Tannon Parker have a past that tragically separated them. However, Emily is once again drawn into Tannon’s life, after visiting his sick mother and becoming best friends again. Young musician Beau Yates is determined to find a smart girl his age who likes him for himself. Could the mysterious girl in the red Mustang be the one? Lawyer Rick Matheson wants to fight for the wrongly accused, yet ends up defending crooks — which may have put his life in danger. When Trace Adams rides into town on her Harley, he can’t imagine that her real purpose is to protect him. (BERKLEY, Jan., 336 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley