When Sasha Townsend inherits a house and three acres in the Florida Keys from an aunt she never met, she feels blessed to receive such a wonderful legacy. Upon inspecting her land, Sasha is thrilled to discover a natural spring, which gives her the idea to bottle and sell the water.

That plan is hijacked when Sasha receives a terse letter informing her that, according to an ancient document, she has no rights to the land. Angered by a preemptory summons, Sasha drives out to Guana Manor to confront the people behind the letter, the Ellis clan. She finds a strange familyan elderly patriarch, a seductive widow and the darkly attractive Cay Ellis III.

Cay and Sasha strike sparks off each other from the very beginning. Sasha, however, refuses to accept the so-called Bethel Agreement and hires a local attorney. Sherry Ellis, the widow of Cays brother Wally, makes it clear that she has designs on Cay. For his part, Cay is more than a little attracted to Sasha, but fears their relationship could be doomed due to the Ellis Family Curse. Magic and mystery abound, but can love triumph over a tragic curse?

Eboni Snoes CHANCE ON LOVIN YOU continues the momentum she began with her previous novel, Tell me Im Dreamin. Ms. Snoe skillfully blends a hint of magic in her captivating stories of love attempting to conquer all. (Oct., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith