Because of her fathers enormous wealth, 14-year-old Ty Stannard lives a fairly isolated life. Her one friend, Lizzie Ozbourne, shares her love of horses and show jumping. Ty and Lizzie are participating in a junior national show when they meet Tys idol, Steve Sheppard, a young man rapidly rising in the show horse world. The brief meeting is mostly a disaster as Tys bodyguard assumes the worst. However, Steves kindness to a star struck teenager is something Ty never forgets.

More than a decade later, Ty has the chance to repay that act of kindness when a drug scandal and the death of his prize horse place Steve on the verge of ruin. His small horse farm, Southwind, is located on a choice piece of land. Ty knows that her ruthless father will snap up the property as soon as Steve defaults on his loan. Determined to stop her father and rescue Steves career, Ty offers to become his partner.

Steve has no interest in gaining another partner. It was his first partners reckless drug use that killed Steves beloved horse and destroyed their business. However, with the foreclosure deadline days away, Steve has little choice.

Laura Moores hot streak continues as once more she gives readers a book that is filled with multifaceted emotions, deep passion and romance. She is a star on the rise! (Oct., 432 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith