Actress Faith Butler is stuck in Dead Horse, Wyoming, when her daughter, Becca, takes ill. Faith secures herself a position at the Jagged R Ranch until Becca recovers, but Drake Rutledge is a foreboding man. He wears an eye patch and has a jagged scar on his face. He keeps the house in total darkness and never goes to town. People think the worst of him and Faith is beginning to believe they might be right.

Drake doesn't know what possessed him to hire Faith, but he knows his life will never be the same once she removes the dark curtains from the windows and lets in the light. Drake is determined to continue his brooding, but Faith's spirit and quiet understanding begin to stir his senses.

As Faith and Drake learn to trust each other and share their pasts, love blossoms. Drake wants to marry Faith, but she is still married to George, who ran out on her. When her erstwhile husband returns, Drake must find a way to keep the woman who brought him to life again.

Robin Lee Hatcher has written a wonderful romance, filled with exciting characters and a terrific secondary plot. The children get right under your skin and as love prevails readers will cheer and wipe a tear from their eyes. SWEET (May, 352 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner