Social worker Dione Williams is finally living her dream—providing a home and training for unwed mothers to help them start over in life—but it will come to an abrupt end this Christmas if she doesnt secure additional financing.

After her grant applications are denied, Diones only hope is G.L. Productions, a company that wants to make a documentary on her work with the girls. Shes opposed to having their privacy invaded but its a small price to pay if it means the program will survive and help other teens.

Swallowing her pride, Dione meets with Garrett Lawrence, owner of the production company and is stunned by her immediate attraction to him. And, the attraction, it seems, is mutual.

Garrett is knocked off his feet by the sexy Ms. Williams. Though she agrees to have dinner with him, shes quick to let him know that shes not on the menu.

The more he works with Dione, the more he wants to be with her. But she keeps him at arms length, surrendering to the hot kisses they share and then retreating behind her icy facade and her work. Determined to break down her barriers, Garrett plans his seductive strategy, never realizing that in unearthing her secret demons, hell have to face his own.

Donna Hill has written another tear-your-heart-out but jump-for-joy-in-the-end sizzler that will keep the reader coming back for more of her brand of romance, African-American style! (Dec., 250 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson