Maddy Bainbridge is in love and extremely happy, but her stress levels are reaching a new high. While Maddy is thrilled to be marrying fellow Paradise Point resident Aidan O'Malley, she is not prepared for the ordeal of planning the wedding.

Maddy and Aidan are also taking the first steps toward blending their two children into a family. Five-year-old Hannah seems to be adjusting great, but Aidan's teenage daughter Kelly is causing some concern. Something is troubling her, but she refuses to discuss it with anyone.

Capping off the tension, a PBS film crew is following everyone around, documenting the historic joining of the DiFalco and O'Malley clans, who just happen to be two of Paradise Point's oldest families. Eloping is starting to sound really good to both Maddy and Aidan.

Picking up right where last year's Shore Lights left off, Chances Are continues the saga of Maddy's and Aidan's lives and loves, plus all their various relatives. Bretton's books are always magical, and the fact that all these characters are familiar just adds to the warmth and charm. (Sep., 336 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith