Image of A Change in Altitude (Eureka, Colorado)


Image of A Change in Altitude (Eureka, Colorado)

With characters who capture the heart and a story that will spark both tears and laughter, this novel is a keeper. The small town, big personality of the first novel carries through in this charming sequel, reminding readers that the best parts of life are often the simplest to find — by looking to the ones we love.

In the small mining town of Eureka, tucked away in the Rocky Mountains, the true gems are the people. As Maggie Stevens prepares for not only her wedding to Jameso Clark but also the birth of their first child, things seem hectic enough. Then, Jameso’s estranged sister shows up with her daughter in tow, running from her past and desperate to connect with the only relative she has left. As these two families reunite and work to build a better future, Eureka stands by its quirky nature and promises that no moment along their path, from a mine explosion to a trinket-stealing “ghost,” will be a dull one. (KENSINGTON, Jul., 320 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kaitlyn Kelly