Image of A Change of Fortune


Image of A Change of Fortune
A CHANGE OF FORTUNE (4.5) by Crystal Green: Sawyer Fortune is determined to avoid the Fortune family love “plague.” He is used to women seeing dollar signs when they meet him. But when he is reacquainted with likeminded Laurel Redmond, he changes his mistrustful mind. Laurel’s got mega relationship issues from the past, so when Sawyer shows interest, she’s wary. When they are bitten by the love bug, they may fight it, but the infection is permanent and incurable. Green’s last Fortune tale is a belly laugh a minute, but also tenderhearted and rather sweet at times. It’s fun to watch her two skeptics fight falling in love tooth and nail — and tear up a few sheets while they’re at it.
Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt