Image of A Change Had To Come


Image of A Change Had To Come

The main character's shortcomings are nonexistent. All of her triumphs are given to her automatically, though the story reads as if she's overcome something great. There's no reason to root for her and, therefore, nothing relatable about her. The story line is unbelievable, even for a work of fiction, and many of the characters are underdeveloped.

Leticia has never met a challenge she didn't face head on. With dreams of becoming a journalist, she takes a job as a food reporter for a daily newspaper. As she moves up in the ranks thanks to her well-researched exposes, she has to deal with a rocky working relationship with the top reporter, Max, though that too turns around. (DAFINA, Oct., 320 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
B. Nakia Garner