The striking voice of rising star Candice Hern fills our hearts with joy as she joins the Signet Regency family with this powerful and compelling romance.

Jack Raeburn, Marquess of Pemerton, is in need of a wife. What better way to acquire respectability, mend the family fortunes and get an heir? As the newly elevated head of his family, he has responsibilities now. To that end, he lurks in the most exclusive ballrooms, looking over the current crop of debutantes, only to hear a little voice ruthlessly cataloguing their various faults.

The little voice belongs to Lady Mary Haviland, the spinster daughter of a recently deceased eccentric earl, who has herself just recently appeared upon the London scene. Bemusedly accepting her offer to help him find a suitable bride, Jack finds himself more and more interested in his spirited new friend.

Can Lady Mary accept his proposal of a marriage of convenience? Or will the dark secrets of her past prevent the two unexpected lovers from finding the happiness they deserve?

An impressive stylist, Ms. Hern mesmerizes us with the blistering emotional intensity of an unforgettable love story. A keeper, by the most discriminating of definitions. (Dec., 223 pp., $4.50)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer