Mike Garson paid for a honeymoon cruise and hes going to enjoy it even if his bride did skip out on him. As he stands in the airport girl-watching, he notices a beautiful blonde being kissed by a guy he nicknames gray suit. The blonde glances at her watch in the middle of the kiss and catches Mike watching her. The next thing Mike sees is a man briskly walking by the couple and grabbing the womans briefcase. Mike gives chase and tackles the man.

This sets a chain of events in motion, that ultimately lead to Mike and Sara Tolberg getting involved in an investigation of Saras almost-fianci and his so-called business. Sara has no way of knowing how corrupt Stephen Cafik is and how far he will go to assure that his plans will be carried out.

I felt as if I were on a roller coaster ride through this book. I stayed on the edge of my seat, nibbling my nails until I finished. (March, 240pp., $14.50, reissued from October 2000)

Reviewed by: 
Kathy Boswell