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Generations after the then-warring nations of Nordan and Sudhra were brought together, the united land of New Ecasia is suffering another revolution. A key player is Moira, who is suffering brutal psychic attacks that lead her to try to locate Dain d'Ange. Dain is the lord of Aeoli and is said to be a mad murderer. Once Moira arrives at Dain's, however, the attacks don't stop. She knows she must also find Cyric, who used to be one of Dain's landholders.

Winter brings impassable roads and traps them for a couple of long months. Dain has no choice but to show hospitality to Moira. His brother Killian arrives just before the snow. Now Moira is faced with identical twins that she is highly attracted to, but for very different reasons. Soon, Moira discovers that both Dain and Killian are more than skilled in the art of pleasing a woman. As much as she loves their sexual and sensual interludes, her magick frightens her -- especially when the pull to Cyric becomes too hard to bear.

Although this is book five in the Seasons of Pleasure continuity series, it works as a stand-alone title. Bast has written a tantalizing treat in which two men find ultimate pleasure in satisfying the needs of one woman. The ending is exciting and tense. (dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Leigh Rowling