Maggie Locke is living her dream life on a quarter horse ranch. But her dreams come crashing down with her husband Rich's plane one fateful day, leaving her heart shattered and her finances in shambles. Only the challenge of saving the ranch keeps her sane.

Within months, veterinarian Dan Pulver becomes a fixture in her life. He wants to be more than friends, but is she ready for a new relationship? Meanwhile, Ian Lane, the new pastor in town, begins to heal Maggie's wounded faith with his words of challenge and humor. Maggie admires both men, but does she love either one? Training a teenage barrel-racer with a handicap, conquering the fickle and dangerous Montana weather and crises with her horses teach Maggie to reach beyond herself for answers.

Elliston manages an awkward life situation with heart-tugging grace and achieves depth of characterization through simplicity and understatement. A promising first in the Montana Skies series. (May, 240 pp., $12.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson