Aspiring screenwriter Tyler Ellington wins a scholarship to a prestigious New York film school. She hesitates to leave her ailing grandmother, but handsome Sterling Gray reassures her when he agrees to look after her beloved Nana Tess between Tylers visits. Her gratitude is tempered by the attraction that sizzles between Gray and herself. But emotional attachments are not on her agendashes learned the hard way that love equals pain.

Once in New York, Tyler meets budding filmmaker and fellow student Miles Bennet, whose sexy grin and smoldering gaze slowly destroy her mental and emotional defenses. After years in the foster care system, Tyler has vowed never to be vulnerable to anyone again; but an old tragedy and her conflicting feelings for Miles and Sterling conspire to unravel the finely woven threads of her shield. With a courage she never knew she had, Tyler finally faces her demons, realizing that by denying her past she has no future.

In this sensitive exploration of social issues, the lessons of life, and the power of the human heart, Donna Hill continues to scale the literary heights in this sensational story of love, healing and restoration. (Aug., 298 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson