Dying soap star Cat Delaney is given a rare second chance at life when she undergoes surgery and becomes the recipient of a heart transplant. After coming so close to death, Cat finds herself unable to continue the life she once led; she leaves Hollywood for San Antonio to host "Cat's Kids," a TV show spotlighting adoptable children.

As the third anniversary of her transplant surgery nears, Cat is unnerved when she anonymously receives newspaper clippings outlining the "accidental" deaths of two other individuals who received heart transplants the same day she did. Apparently someone connected to one of the hearts donated that day is killing off anyone who might have received that particular heart.

Cat finds herself both attracted to and exasperated with ex-cop turned mystery writer Alex Pierce. Alex seems determined to protect Cat and expose the deranged killer, but Alex has his own dark secrets which upon exposure could destroy their developing relationship.

With this paperback release, mega-selling author Sandra Brown dishes up a marvelous thriller that is a thought-provoking, complex and intensely suspenseful tale. CHARADE poses the intriguing question, if a person's heart keeps beating within another's body, has that person really died? (July, 405 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith