Light and charming, Charity brings another Ackerly sister to the forefront as a delightful deception takes place that will bring a sweet smile to readers’ lips as it touches their hearts.

Charity Ackerly has seen her sisters fall in love, but she’s not so sure her brother-in-law’s friend Lachlan Kimball, the newly minted Marquess of Asheburton, is the right man for her identical twin. So Charity decides to switch places with Amity. But the tables are turned when the infuriating and irresistible Scotsman decides it is Charity who sparks his interest. Though she hates to admit it, Charity is attracted to Lachlan and adores his kisses. When Lachlan realizes what’s been going on he decides to keep up the charade and as desire mounts neither can think of loving another. However, problems arise, forcing the couple to make serious decisions. (DORCHESTERPUB.COM)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin