An antique ring and her mother's journal lead Rachelle Fortier Bailie on a quest to find the father she's never known. Accompanied by her grandfather, her maid Fala and her fianc Landon Wragg, Rachelle sets sail from Charles Towne to Boston, where her father was last seen as a missionary to the Indians. Her grandfather is terrified she'll learn of and expose her Indian heritage, while Landon merely wants to ensure she's back home in time for the wedding that will make him a wealthy man.

Trace Bettencourt, a pirate who liberates slaves, captures Rachelle's ship. He soon takes up her mission, as well as the crusade to keep her safe, for he can see what others miss-Rachelle's intended is a wicked, money-hungry man who doesn't have her best interest at heart. Fala, Rachelle's Indian slave, dreams of freedom, and her quiet spirit and gentle faith reach out to Rachelle and Trace, as well as to readers.

The legacy of Rachelle's ring, "boldly, faithfully, successfully," has passed down through the generations in four previous books, but readers needn't have read them to follow or enjoy this one. This breathtaking romance stands on its own with vivid description, a powerful story line and extraordinary characters. Angela Elwell Hunt single-handedly sets a new standard for inspirational historical romance with her high quality of writing. (May, 290 pp., $11.99)

Reviewed by: 
Diane Johnson