Image of Charley's Web: A Novel


Image of Charley's Web: A Novel

Fielding has penned another heart-stopping novel notable for its depth of characterization and plotting. She incorporates equal doses of thrills and compassion for deserving characters. This look at the dark side of life explores how some survive and overcome the past while others succumb to evil. The story accelerates from the beginning and rockets to an astonishing conclusion.

Columnist Charley Webb, a single mother of two, receives a letter from a convicted child killer. Now on death row, Jill Rohmer wants Charley to write the book that will reveal why she killed three kids. Charley doesn't want to know the details, but how can she turn down such a major story? But her decision to write the book changes everything.

Confronting Jill's dysfunctional past, Charley must deal with the wreckage that exists in her own family. And as she learns more about the murders, someone threatens what she holds most dear -- her kids. (Atria, Mar., 437 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jo Peters