Image of Charlotte Street: A Novel


Image of Charlotte Street: A Novel

This fun, lighthearted novel captures with humor and empathy a man on the cusp of discovering adulthood and purpose. The author’s chatty style and memorable characters create an entertaining comedy of errors that is much more than a story of love at first sight. The blog entries and overlong discussions are the only downsides to this smile-inducing read.

Jason Priestley (not the 90210 resident) hasn’t gotten over his breakup. Angry and drifting through life, in the midst of a funk, he helps a pretty woman into a taxi. For a moment, he feels a connection and thinks he should say something. The moment passes, but he ends up with her disposable camera. His friend Dev pushes Jason on a quest to track down “The Girl,” starting with developing the film for clues. It appears she has a boyfriend, but that doesn’t end their search. As Jason comes to terms with his ex-girlfriend’s engagement and carves out a new life for himself, he’s surprised and finally happy with how his life is developing. (MORROW, Nov., 416 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
M.H. Morrison