Image of Like a Charm


Image of Like a Charm

Taking a break from her Bronwyn books, Havens dishes up a conflicted new heroine standing at the crossroads
of life. The warm humor of this first-
person tale, plus the "power of the librarian" message, ensures a witty
and engaging adventure. A hunky
and caring hero is the icing that makes this a magical treat!

Kira Smythe left her hometown of Sweet, Texas, for college and didn't look back. But the suicide of a legal client compounds her already ill health. Kira's parents take her home to recover, and shortly after she arrives, Sweet's beloved librarian, Mrs. Canard, dies.

To Kira's astonishment, Mrs. Canard leaves her the library, with the proviso that she become the new librarian. It seems that this is no ordinary library, and it's filled with both magic and ghosts. Then there's Kira's growing attraction to visiting reporter Caleb, and the strange threatening notes she's received. For a supposed convalescence, Kira is stressing! (BERKLEY, Feb., 304 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith