Victoria Desmonds boss, millionaire H. Walter Harrington IV, is so obsessed with the Middle Ages he purchases a castle, Avondel, which is rumored to be cursed.

But Walter has found a solution: he will travel back in time to remove the curse, and Victoria is going with him, like it or not.

Ranulf of Darkvale is holding a fair and Gareth, the true heir to Avondel, is also determined to remove the curse and rescue his sister Elwyna from Ranulf.

But Gareth doesnt bargain for H. Walter and Victoria. Walter asks a lot of questions and is promptly imprisoned by Ranulf. Victoria and Gareth try to find a magical amulet to ransom him and free Elwyna. The 21st century meets the middle ages and the fun begins!

This is an entertaining read, filled with a knight in some what shining armor, love at first sight and passion from two different centuries. SENSUAL (Nov., 219 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner