Image of The Charm School


Image of The Charm School

THE CHARM SCHOOL touches all who have ever felt awkward or out of place, an ugly duckling in a lake full of swans. Isadora Peabody is just that, a misfit among Boston socialites. Ignored by those she yearns to love, overlooked by those she craves to befriend, Isadora is about to take a daring move to change her life.

Ryan Calhoun has never fit in with the wealthy gentlemen of Harvard. His love for the sea and his recklessness have made him an outcast. But as the captain of a vessel that has broken speed records he has a chance to change all that. The multilingual Isadora accompanies him to Brazil as an interpreter.

At first it is easy for Ryan to overlook the meek, plain Isadora, but as she befriends the crew her metamorphosis begins. Isadora's wild hair blows free, she climbs the rigging, fixes the sails and impresses the ship's captain.

But what happens when the voyage is over?

THE CHARM SCHOOL is perfection! It speaks straight to the heart and makes you feel good all over. Delightful and unforgettable. SENSUAL (May, 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin