Josie Griffin has surfed the waves of the world since she was a child. One day while surfing the coast of South Carolina, Josie suffers a rare wipeout. Checking to see what her board hit, she discovers an antique chest with a very old necklace inside. Impulsively Josie puts on the yellow-stoned necklace and to her dismay, a tiny man dressed in a kilt appears. Bagan, as he is called, insists that the charmed necklace has betrothed her to an 18th-century Scottish Laird.

Despite Josie's insistence that fate does not control destiny, she finds herself headed toward the Scottish Island of Glenmuir. Connal MacNeil's spirit has waited for 300 years for his betrothed to arrive. Trapped on the sparsely populated island until the next boat, Josie finds herself teaching the geriatric locals to surf and oddly enough, building a relationship with a ghost who can materialize in an all-too-human fashion.

Using the sport of surfing as the catalyst makes this fantasy romance charming and unique. Donna Kauffman has a real knack for taking otherworldly elements and making them essential to her wonderfully romantic stories. (Aug., 317 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith