When Calum Inness, rightful Duke of Franchot, discovers that he had been switched at birth with his father's mistress' son, he arrives in London determined to regain his birthright.

Mysterious, secretive and overwhelmingly attractive, Calum intrigues the members of the aristocracy who wonder just who he is and what he wants. But only one woman piques Calum's interest-Lady Philippa Chauncey, the Duke's fianc.

Philippa, "Pippa," does not fit into society's mold and, knowing little of her betrothed, she is as curious about Calum as he is of her. Though she could be his pawn in an attempt to oust the usurper, Calum becomes enchanted with her.

Together they are caught in a spider's web of intricate plots and subplots designed to lure them into a dark and tangled tale that pits good against evil, truth against injustice, and then throws in some real surprises at the stunning climax.

CHARMED is a deftly crafted romance that has all the hallmarks of Stella Cameron's unique style. Readers will be hooked by her enchanting characters and plunged headlong into the story of twisted revenge and shocking revelations. Here is a "not to be missed" romance for those yearning to sink into a lush, titillating read. SENSUAL (Apr., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin