Veteran historical author Catherine Hart branches into time-travel romance and takes lucky readers on a wondrous journey. CHARMED combines magic, history and romance into a most enthralling read.

History teacher Nichole Swan is enjoying her vacation trip through the Seven Caves in southern Ohio, when a glimpse of silver in one of the pools changes her destiny. Once Nikki picks up the strange looking amulet, she is hypnotized and feels herself falling through space. When she awakens, she is still in the caves, but a handsome Shawnee brave is with her.

Powerful mystic Silver Thorn is more than a little surprised when the wise-man he conjures from the future turns out to be a woman. As one of only family of triplets born to the Shawnee nation, Silver Thorn and his brothers have engaged for years in magical duels. With this latest endeavor, Silver Thorn can surely claim the prize.

Despite the evidence before her, Nikki has difficulty accepting that she has been transported back in time to 1813. By choosing to side with the British, Silver Thorn's brother, the legendary Tecumseh, has already begun the chain of events that will eventually spell disaster for the Shawnee people. Knowing the history to come, Nikki and Silver Thorn hope to reach Tecumseh and change the course of events.

Silver Thorn and Tecumseh's third brother, Tenskwatawa, the prophet, is a twisted man who is determined to destroy both Nikki and Silver Thorn.

To save Nikki and their unborn child, Silver Thorn may have to send Nikki back to the future. Will there ever be a time and a place where they can live and love in peace?

(Dec., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith