Image of Charmed (Friends and Lovers Collection)


Image of Charmed (Friends and Lovers Collection)

"The Princess is in danger." These cryptic words send professional body-guard Colin Murphy on one of the strangest adventures of his career. Murphy's friend Joe Bogart is an undercover FBI agent working on a mafia sting and he asks him to protect Lulu Ross (aka Princess Charming).

A beloved children's storyteller and party attraction, Lulu has picked up a stalker, but she sees the best in everyone and refuses to admit he's trouble.

Her sister and friends are not as trusting and agree to help Murphy unmask the stalker. The hard-bitten Murphy is both attracted to and baffled by this amazing woman, who even carries a pink poodle purse. That her stalker may be a mobster complicates this already knotty scenario.

With a heroine who is whimsical and kindhearted—though a bit too trusting—Charmed gives readers a full quotient of fun and sexy excitement. Ciotta breathes real life into both her primary and secondary characters, making their struggles memorable. (Dec., 312 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith