Until she was chosen for a government mission, Laura Devane had lived as a quiet, unobtrusive governess, hiding her vibrant personality and beauty behind a mask of servitude. Suddenly she is asked to draw Gavin Graham's attention away from a seductive Russian countess.

It appears that the war with Napoleon is over. The emperor is held on Elba, and the conference in Vienna has become one big party, yet there is still danger afoot.

Years ago Laura had spurned Gavin, and when he sees her again, cool and confident, he is struck by her presence.

She may look collected, but Laura is not confident, especially after she and the Countess meet privately. But although Laura has doubts, she plunges straight into her work, and into danger.

Gavin sees where she's headed and tries to keep Laura from trouble. Her interest in intrigue and her passionate nature arouse Gavin and thrust them both into a game of danger, passion, treachery and betrayal that could threaten their worlds peace.

Filled with cat and mouse games and political maneuvers CHARMED AND DANGEROUS has a certain charm, intrigue, humor and just the right touch of danger. Slower paced then most adventure romances, this tale that will still delight Regency readers. SENSUAL (Oct., 373 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin