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Almost from birth Maddie Cooper has been taking care of her flighty, thrill-seeking twin Cassie. Cassie nearly died when they were kids, and Maddie swore she would always protect her sister. That promise is about to be severely tested as Maddie learns that Cassie has gotten mixed up in an international art theft and forgery ring.

FBI agent David Marshall is aggressive, determined and hates to lose. Despite being told by his superiors to back off a case, David attempts to use Cassie Cooper as his informant to get the goods on suspected ringleader Peyton Shriver. But now appears that Cassie has double-crossed David. When Maddie arrives and demands to know what is going on, David just wants Maddie to keep her nose out of this affair. Fat chance.

Maddie can't believe that her sister is a willing part of the theft ring, so she's sure that something else is going on. This means that Maddie is going to stick like glue to David as they chase Cassie and Peyton across continents.

Stubborn characters who want their own way only add to an over-the-top chase scenario, making Charmed and Dangerous quite the exciting romp. Wilde fans will be charmed. (Jul., 368 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith