Juggling work and love is never
easy, but for mega-witch Bronwyn
it's out-and-out frustrating. This
sequel to Charmed and Dangerous
features a sexy, kick-butt heroine
who's loaded with sass and wit. Bronwyn's first-person views of her
life, friends and adventures (both romantic and world-saving) are
edgy, scrappy and really quite funny. Havens' writing is snappy, instantly engaging and downright charming!

Powerful witch Bronwyn utilizes her magical powers to protect clients like the British prime minister. This globe-trotting lifestyle is exciting but tough on relationships. After defeating a dark wizard who nearly killed her doctor boyfriend Sam, Bronwyn and Sam have been making up for lost time.

But a request from the P.M. has Bronwyn flying out to guard rock star and philanthropist Zane. Protecting him turns out to be tougher than expected as Bronwyn runs up against the paparazzi, whose regrettably candid photographs of her and Zane put a real strain on her relationship with Sam, as do some demons with nasty dark powers. Who's the real target, Zane or Bronwyn? (BERKLEY, Sep., 256 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith