Image of Charmed By His Love (A Spellbound Falls Romance)


Image of Charmed By His Love (A Spellbound Falls Romance)

Spellbound Falls again plays host to a tale of romance and magic from bestseller Chapman. The four little “heathens” in this story are a delightful handful and add poignancy to the plot. If you are in need of a mood elevator, look no further than this novel!

As the widowed mother of four young children, Peg Thompson is desperately looking for a way to make a living and keep an eye on her rambunctious kids, especially 4-year-old twins Pete and Jacob. Fortuitously, the recent “earthquake” that moved mountains and created a new inland sea has given Peg waterfront property, and the gravel quarry on her land is a moneymaker. Duncan MacKeage and his team have come to build roads and bridges; getting involved with a feisty widow and her kids is not on the agenda. For most of his life Duncan has avoided his magical heritage; Peg, on the other hand, fears a family curse that kills off husbands. Can they beat the odds? (JOVE, Jun., 320 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith