Callie Hauseman doesn't dislike her job—it's her boss that gives her a hard time. As assistant to Sy Teller, owner of the Teller Box Company of Boston, Callie is weary of his irrational behavior. And when she finally loses her temper, she turns him into a dog.

Callie possesses certain Wiccan abilities she wasn't aware of, and though Sy is much more agreeable as the adorable pup, Sparky, Callie panics when Sy's nephew David starts snooping around the factory. Pressured by his blue-blooded fiancée to wrangle an RSVP out of his uncle for their upcoming wedding, David is perplexed by his uncle's disappearance. Hilarity ensues as Callie tries to explain that she changed his uncle into a dog. While the CPA in him thinks she is a kook, he is attracted to her, eccentricities and all.

As David and Callie try to find a spell to turn Sy back into a human, their escapades lead them from the touristy town of Salem, Massachusetts, to Paris. Full of romance and plenty of wit, Ireland's latest is a lighthearted read sure to please. (Mar., 352 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick