Maddie Regan and her teenaged daughter Tracy's return to the family cottage at Sandy Point is filled with bittersweet memories; for 14 months, Maddie's father murder has remained unsolved. Adding to mix is former love Dan Hawke's unexpected return.

Today a respected CNN reporter, Dan was a student activist involved in an incident where Maddie's father was injured 20 years ago. Maddie and Dan's affair crumbled in the protest's aftermath. Following a near-death experience in Albania, Dan decides to return to the only woman he has ever loved.

Maddie's current relationship with her daughter is a bit rocky. It hasn't helped that Maddie's ex-husband hasn't been diligent in disciplining Tracy, and his erratic behavior is cause for concern.

Dan's return revives emotion Maddie thought long dead. Their passionate response is quick and deep. Unfortunately, the past remains an obstacle, for Maddie's mother has vowed never to forgive or forget. This fateful summer will be a turning point in all their lives.

Award-winning author Antoinette Stockenberg takes a dramatic turn in her new mainstream release. Passion, love, hatred and deceit all collide with unexpected force in the powerful and expressive A CHARMED PLACE. (June, 368 pp, $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith