At the king's command Adrian Burchard is sent to Paris to bring the elusive Duchess of Everdon, Sophia Raughley, home to England. Her influence over the votes in Parliament can help defuse a tense political situation.

Sophia knows they just want to use her power as a duchess and don't care that she wants to stay in Paris, but she isn't about to meekly play their games. Still, with a man like Adrian at her side, perhaps there's a way for them all to come out winners in love and politics.

Hunter creates characters whose passions come to life through her remarkable ability to motivate them and allow them to speak their minds with intelligence. She skillfully uses the setting, a cast of unforgettable animals as secondary characters and plenty of sexual tension to leave readers breathless. SENSUAL (Dec., 366 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin